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Rigging Safety Initiative - Spring 2018

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Deadline for the Spring 2018 cycle is April 20, 2018

USITT is accepting applications towards funding of a rigging inspection. In order to apply a school facility must fall within the following guidelines:

1.       Schools must be currently in operation with an active theatre, dance or music program.

2.       Schools must have a counterweight, “dead hung,” or motorized rigging system in a theatre or auditorium in order to qualify.

3.       Applications must be completed and submitted to USITT.  All applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Industry professionals and recommendations for acceptance will be made in a ranked priority order.

4.       Applications must be signed by the theatre or music program staff member and a supervising administrator such as a principal or superintendent. Contractor will provide copies of the inspection report to both signed parties.

RSI Application Instructions